Monday, March 28, 2011

Chart Story from Patricia K., Freeport, ME

Honoring a father's special memories:

My dad owns what is called "The Red Camp" in Aroostook County, with several other men. They go twice a year, spring fishing and fall hunting. I have never been since no girls are allowed. I am sure they have a wonderful time but I don't have any memories to share. Yet , it remains a special place for my father. I look forward to giving it to my dad for Father's Day.

Thanks for sharing your story Patricia! We hope your dad loved his belt buckle!

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Wear your world. Tell your story. What's yours?

Monday, March 7, 2011

Chart Story from Mark B., Steve's Island, ME

How one couple charted their life together:

In 2001, my girlfriend and I were members of the Maine Island Trail Association. We charted several weekend kayak trips. We would pack 2 -3 days of supplies and paddle from island to island. One weekend we found a quiet tent site, with a outcropping of rocks shaped like a sleeping dog. We enjoyed watching early summer sunsets, and walking on our private white crushed-shell beach. We listened to the waves crashing and an occasional exhale from a passing porpoise. It was just the two of us and the sun dipping somewhere between Isle au Haux and Vinalhaven. It came naturally to me as the perfect time to pop the question. Fortunately, she said yes and we were married one year later on Georgetown Island and had our first child the following year. We have not returned to our island since our engagement, but it is a special place that is dear to both of us. This gift will help both of us remember the night we looked into each others eyes and charted a life together.

Thank you Mark, for sharing your romantic story.

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Wear your world. Tell your story. What's yours?