Monday, May 9, 2011

Chart Story from Michelle S., Longmont, CO

We make a lot of jewelry here at Chart that honors Mother's and their relationships to their families and special places, but we wanted to share this story because it really touched our hearts.

" Pulpit Harbor is one of many beautiful places that my family has visited on our sailboat- Seaglass. As young kids, my parents showed us what true family vacations were, on our then, small sailboat going from island to island on the coast of Maine. As an adult, my ideal summer vacation is still traveling back to Maine to sail with my parents out of Rockland Harbor. Even though I love my landlocked home of Colorado, Maine is my dream place; the place I escape to in real life and in my mind.

The Captain of Seaglass, my dad, called me often from the helm of his boat. I'd request water splashing over the phone line and he always obliged though jokingly protesting that he'd fall in. I loved being his first mate on their boat.

My dad died from a brain tumor in August of 09' at the young and otherwise healthy age of 67. We've since sold the boat and my mother, an east coaster through and through, has decided to move to Colorado to be close to us. Since we have wonderful memories of sailing to Pulpit Harbor and we scattered my dad's ashes there, I felt that my mom needed a little piece of Pulpit Harbor to wear once she becomes a western girl. I know she will love it. Thank you so much for this one of a kind piece"

Wear your world. Tell your story. What's yours?