Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Route 1 travels

Anyone who has had the great fortune of taking Route 1 up the coast of Maine will tell you it is a spectacular drive. I set out on the road to sign up new accounts along the coast and began my travels on Route 1 in Brunswick. Made it all the way to Port Clyde which is just the most quintessential Maine village on the ocean...really, worth the trouble getting there not that the drive there isn't just a wonderful as the little town itself.
So after a couple cups of coffee I'm ready to continue North on Route 1 on yet another sunny Maine day...and hope to get as far as Searsport. Going to check out the Penobscot Maritime Museum.
Not a bad job I have, really. Lunch on the wharf and accounts along the coast of Maine. Oh, and making beautiful jewelry with special meaning.

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