Friday, September 11, 2009

Computer Glitches and Back to Friends

After a bit of a set back with a laptop we are back in action posting. We are also shortly en route to the airport for sunny Florida. Palm trees and new accounts await!

To round out the week and put a bit of a shine on a cloudy day here are a few more pics of friends who we appreciate and who are also fans of our wears! Looking forward to seeing you all upon our return.

Eric, owner of Morgan Realty, specializes in selling foreclosed properties.

Belle Anne is the lovely voice on the other end of the line when you dial John Hatcher of Keller Williams. A top real estate agency, we also covet their office space in a historic building off Congress.
Dan is the owner of Portland's floral favorite Harmon's & Barton's and Sawyer & Co.
Colleen is a hair stylist who can get any gal red carpet or beauty pageant ready. She learned hands on under expert colorist/stylist Jennifer Leigh, owner of O2 Salon. We love what she does for our locks.

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