Saturday, April 4, 2009


Anyone who has owned a business knows that the only way to success is starting from scratch. Oh sure, there are many books about the How-To's but have to experience it all for yourself. And make many mistakes along the way. My old manager at GMAC used to say 'chock it up to tuition'. He was absolutely right. I was never much about school anyhow so I'd much rather learn my own way even if it cost me a little somewhere along the way.

And speaking of school, I'm not an art graduate although in another life time (or later in this one perhaps)...I'm just this business person who understands people (sales) and had a good idea. I also had the incredible drive to see my idea through. This is worth many times have you been at dinner and someone had a good idea that was gonna change their world? Okay, okay, stop counting...its just that people have LOTS of ideas about doing something (even if its to lose those last 10 pounds) but how many people do you know actually SEE IT THROUGH?

You can add me to your list. I may not see this whole blog thing through but I will surely make a go of my business. Have you checked out the website? It's beautiful:

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  1. GOOD FOR YOU for both the blog and your wonderful business! Having an idea is the easy part!"SEEING IT THROUGH" is the challenge! I am totally excited for you for you!
    Jennifer Libby-Barnes