Tuesday, February 9, 2010

CHART story

Today we celebrate a selection short but sweet CHART stories... Enjoy! We've got some great Valentine's Day stories coming soon, we'll post after Sunday, don't want to ruin the surprise!

We made a bronze zipper pull a while back for Amy, a mother of two. It features Glidden Point of New Castle, Maine. To some Glidden Point represents great oysters, to Amy it represents the piece of Maine to which she moved back from Massachusetts to raise her two kids.

For Marcel, a summer time Bangor resident, we made a St. John belt buckle where he winters.

Kahsi, a Portland resident, received a great medium silver pendant on leather cord of Castine to celebrate where she grew up. She liked it so much she gifted her sister a similar piece for Christmas!

For Kelly, a woman from Windham, she received a ring featuring a historic chart of Belize. Belize is where she was married.

Our friend Jen, a very talented South Portland photographer, you can view some of her work here, gifted a large silver pendant on sterling choker to of Scituate, Massachusetts to her aunt. It features the seaside cliffs as a memorial to where Jen's cousin is buried.

There are many stories to tell!

Wear Your World. Tell Your Story. What's Yours?

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