Saturday, February 6, 2010

Today's CHART story is from Kerry Corthell who purchased a bracelet as a gift for her sister...Enjoy!

Corthell Lane, Hersey Cove, Pembroke, Maine

We have a one room wooden cabin (electricity, but an outhouse and you have to haul water from a nearby spring) in Hersey Cove, Pembroke, Maine where we spent many hours on our summer vacations finding treasures of all kinds on that beach. My grandfather lived in Pembroke and managed the Socony Mobil plant for decades. He originally had a couple hundred acres, giving about 25 acre ocean front lots to my father and his brother to build some camps.

In the early 70's my father bought the Puffin Pig in Whiting, Maine and my parents, brother and sister all lived in this one room camp through the winter while their house was being built next to the store. I even came up for Christmas and stayed in the camp with them that year. That was interesting going off to the outhouse at night before bed. It took my mother a long time to understand why my sister was so gracious in letting her 'go' first!

We sometimes think of how much the taxes are and how much it might have sold for over the years, but none of us want to let the land go and hope some day to be able to dig a well and put in a septic tank and add a bathroom on so that us 'old' folks can stay there for periods of time and enjoy our little piece of the real Maine.

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