Wednesday, February 10, 2010


There are many methods to keeping your silver jewelry sparkly--silver cleaners, polishing cloths, silver paste. These methods work best on a polished finish. Your CHART metalworks piece has a brushed silver finish.

The best way to clean your piece:
Gently rub the silver with a clean, dry green ScotchPad (yup, the kind you keep under the kitchen sink to scrub your pots & pans, just be sure to use a new one). Be careful not to make contact with the glass-like resin. Our bronze pieces will patina favorably but can also be cleaned in the same manner if you should desire. The clear resin surface can be buffed with a soft cloth and car/boat wax if you slightly scratch it.

When you are not wearing your CHART metalworks piece (the rare occasion!) just keep it in a sealed baggie. Remove as much air as you can before you seal the bag---it's the O2 that makes your silver tarnish.

The best way to avoid your CHART metalworks piece from tarnishing is to wear it. Constant friction against the silver slows the tarnishing process. Be prepared... your voice might get a work out because when others notice your unique piece they are bound to ask you about it...and then you've got to tell them the story behind your special place.

Tell your story ~ WEAR YOUR WORLD ~ what's yours?

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