Friday, June 4, 2010

CHART metalworks, Wear Your World: Cape May, NJ

Hi Everyone,

We're trying to get back to regular posts, we accumulated a lot to tell in the last few months, now the trick is to just find the time to tell it...

It all comes to scheduling... so I'm committing myself to three blogs a week, check in regularly and if you notice I'm slacking, give me a holler at the studio, 207 221 6807, and tell me what's what. Here's what we're thinking:

Monday Chart Stories: so many interesting stories behind the pieces our great customers choose, from points of proposals (ladies get your romantic fix here), fav fishing spots to where gramp built that camp, locations from South Africa to North Carolina to the West Coast and the old Eastern Bloc...

Wednesday Wear Your World: find out where to find us next, all the great new retail partners featuring our goodies from Cruz Bay, St. John to Boston, MA to Marblehead, OH...

Friday Fill Ins: all the rest thats left to say and I typically have a lot to say.

And yes, I am amazingly affectionate of alliteration...

Today though, I'm going to back up and make mention of a great new spot we're located at in Cape May, NJ. Let's Start with a bit of history and background on this great historic coastal community.

The same year that the Pilgrims landed in Plymouth, 1620, a Dutch captain, Cornelius Jacobsen Mey, was exploring the Delaware River and upon discovering this most southern point of current day New Jersey, he decided to name the peninsula Cape Mey, after himself. The spelling was later changed to Cape May. More than a century later in 1761 Cape May became the first seashore resort in America.

During the Victorian Era, Cape May was considered on of the top ten vacation resorts in the United States. Because of this, Cape May has a large Victorian heritage, evident in several hundred beautifully manicured houses throughout the city.

As of recent, Cape May has enjoyed a major renaissance. Many Victorian structures have been restored. Today small gingerbread houses stand beside magnificent Victorian showplaces.

If you're ever in the Cape May, NJ area, stop by and check us out at Sea Star Boutique.

The Sea Star Boutique is part of a cooperative mall called The West End Garage. The mall offers a cornucopia of treasures - you'll find fine art, estate jewelry, antiques, vintage clothing, and a unique selection of handmade products created by local Cape May artists and artists and artisans from around the world.

Their product line is much like the “gingerbread” on the historic homes in Cape May - it's adornment for you and your home. Searching a wide range of mediums, the purveyors of Sea Star Boutique look for items that are unique to offer their customers. How fitting then that they invited us to be part of their product line!

Check them out online:, or at the West End Garage, 484 Perry St., Cape May, NJ

We're very pleased to be partnered with the Sea Star Boutique!

See you next week!

CHART metalworks. Wear you world, tell your story. What is yours?

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  1. My home town!! Thank you for posting this shop. Cape May is full of treasures, I can't wait to stop in :)