Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday Chart Story: Mac McKeever, Ferry Beach, ME

Here's real nice story from our friend at LL Bean, Mac Mckeever. Mac purchased a Ferry Beach Pendant for his wife to commemorate where he proposed. This is a bit romantic, fellas take notice, ladies enjoy.... I am going to leave this in Mac's words as I feel he tells the tale the best!

Wow...the piece is just gorgeous!

My wife and I have always been in love with the ocean (swimming, sailing, fly fishing, sunbathing, boating, etc.) and we love Ferry's a beautiful location, relatively uncrowded (or it used to be) and the fishing is also very good. It kind of became one of our special places...swimming/bathing/fishing in the summer, x-country skiing in the winter, walks year-round, etc. Our dogs love it there too.

During the summer, they have these planes that drag banners advertising this and that flying up and down the beach from Saco to Scarborough. I arranged to have one of those planes drag a banner that proposed to my said "Jill will you marry me? I love you" and I brought the ring and some champagne to the beach. At the designated time, the plane flew by very close to us, I drew my wife's attention to it and she was blown away. I produced the ring (carefully, cleverly hidden in my fly box...a place I knew she'd never look) proposed and of course she said yes. The whole beach knew it was us and everyone clapped and cheered as I popped the champagne and huh?

Thanks for everything...again, the Ferry Beach piece looks fantastic...she'll be thrilled...

We liked Mac's story so much, we made the photo of his piece the over of our new media kit, I hope you enjoyed it too.

Wear your world. Tell your story. What is yours?

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