Thursday, January 14, 2010

Find your way home... a CHART story

Hi there folks! Well, I know it's not due, but I received a "thank you" e-mail today with a picture and a great story behind a beautiful piece we made for the holidays and could not pass up posting today. Enjoy!

Just wanted to share a picture of the wonderful buckle you custom made for our 18 year old son. Josh has spent the last two years working on the Lily B out of Freeport Harbor. This year he will head off for college and we know he will always be able to find his way home to his family and the Maine coast when he has on his wonderful CHART metalworks buckle.

We thank you for your wonderful work.

Lisa and Tom

Looks like our belt buckle made a great holiday gift. Don't forget to gift a great gift this Valentine's!

Wear your world, tell your story. What is yours?

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