Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Monday's CHART Story... a day late

Well today, Tuesday, Monday's CHART Story comes a day late but it's definitely not a dollar short!

We made a necklace for Kit of Christmas Cove. It's gorgeous, if you've never been, plan a trip. Christmas Cove is where Kit spends a good part of the summer, a place he looks forward to returning to every year to see his summer friends and spend time with his family. For Kit it's a place with many happy memories, sailing, boating, hiking, tennis and picnics. He wanted the necklace to help remind him during the winter months of happy summer days just around the corner. We're confident we accomplished that with his beautiful pendant.

A significant someone have a beautiful summer spot to bring them through the winter months? Gift them a special Valentine's gift.

Wear your world, tell your story. What is yours?

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