Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday's CHART Story

Today's CHART story comes from Malissa of Massachusetts who customized a small bronze of leather cord with Higgins Beach.

Malissa writes:

Summer vacations at Higgins Beach began as an opportunity to connect with a childhood friend and her family living in Scarborough... our annual bonding sessions of beach, barbeques and the Yarmouth Clam Festival. Nine years later our vacation has become two glorious weeks in a sweet beach house shared with a growing extended family and visiting friends all enjoying the magic of Higgins.

There is nothing in the world like a communal puzzle permanently set up on the porch table, searching for crabs in the Spurwink at low tide, the annual Turkey Dinner at the clubhouse and the nightly "knotty pine tour." Babies have taken first steps, children have learned to kayak, teens have discussed the mysteries of life while having mad pillow fights (if only walls could talk) and grown ups have given in to true relaxation here.

Higgins Beach is the source of so many wonderful experiences and memories... it is our slice of Americana, our little piece of heaven. Thanks to Charlotte and John my beautiful custom CHART pendant will be a constant reminder of that special place especially during the Massachusetts winters as I count the days until we return.

Thanks so much...

You're very welcome Malissa!

Help a loved one through the winter, gift them a special gift for Valentine's, order yours today.

Wear your world, tell your story. What is yours?

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