Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Islands of Casco Bay: Cliff Island - "Sunken Treasure"

Today we offer some history on Cliff Island. Watch out Johnny Depp, Casco Bay was once home to real life pirates!

Cliff Island was once the hide away for the villain pirate Captain Keiff. He lived alone on the island in a log hut. On stormy nights he would tie a lantern around the neck of his horse and would ride up and down the shore. Many a poor sailor mistook the glimmering light as a beacon guiding them to safety and misguided, would wreck upon the perilous ledges and reefs which surround the island.

The clever Captain Keiff would then salvage the cargo and kill any survivors. All his victims were buried in a grassy meadow on the island which is still know today as "Keiff's Garden."

CHART metalwork's exhibit the "Islands of Casco Bay" is on display through the end of January at Hilltop Coffee Shop, 90 Congress St., Portland, ME. "Sunken Treasure" features a large bronze pendant on sterling silver choker of Great Chebeague Island, a small bronze pendant on bracelet featuring Eagle Island and a bronze charm bracelet featuring Hope, Cliff and Jewell Islands. The jewelry can be purchased separately or as a collection with frame and story...

...or, you can always customize your own special piece.

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